How to buy Atlantic Technology Products

Congratulations! You are about to join a large group of consumers who have found Atlantic Technology products to enhance the enjoyment they receive from their Home Theater and Audio systems.

Important: Be wary of unauthorized dealers. See the unauthorized dealer statement below.

Call Atlantic Technology to find the dealer closest to you at (781) 762-6300


Atlantic Technology only allows internet resale of it's products through select online retailers. Purchasing through any other dealers other than those listed below will void your warranty. Be careful where you shop online and only buy through the following authorized online dealers:


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*Note only Amazon Direct or a reseller listed on this page
is an authorized reseller on Amazon.

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For your own protection, please make sure you are buying a genuine Atlantic Technology product by buying only from the authorized Atlantic Technology dealers/installers listed on this site or verified by Atlantic directly. (781)-762-6300 or


*The prices listed are the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices for the U.S. market only. Installation and calibration might be an additional cost to be determined by your authorized Atlantic Technology Dealer.

Pricing outside the U.S. market is subject to international currency exchange fluctuations, import duty and tariffs, local taxes such as VATs, specific market conditions in the various countries, transportation and warehousing costs, and other factors. Please check with the Authorized Atlantic Technology Distributor in your country.