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WA-60 Wireless Audio Transmitter/Receiver System

Eliminate unsightly cables in hard-to-wire applications, wirelessly.



Our wireless systems will easily allow you to set up another zone, or connect subwoofers where speaker wiring is just not practical or desired!

You love the deep, impactful bass that an Atlantic powered subwoofer adds to your home entertainment system. But you wish there was a way to do away with the unsightly 20-ft long signal cable that connects your subwoofer to the receiver halfway across the room.

Eliminate those wires with the Atlantic Technology WA-60 Wireless Audio System.

The WA-60 connects your subwoofer to your receiver/processor wirelessly, with a simple-to-use, inconspicuous transmitter-receiver system. Perfect for any home entertainment system, the WA-60 has a range of up to 70 feet; 150 feet if it’s line-of-sight.

Best of all, with the WA-60, the sound is CD-quality, with no interference or delay and easy plug-and-play functionality—no software needed.

But it’s not just for subwoofers. With the WA-60 you can transmit any full-range audio source anywhere you want it, wirelessly. Additional applications include sharing computer-based audio with an AV receiver or sharing a main system’s sources with secondary rooms.

Operate up to 4 separate WA-60 systems without worrying about signal overlap.


USB for Power


Select channels for up to 4
independent systems


Simple RCA input/output

External antenna for increased range


WA-60-front-angle-illuminated-300px.jpg   WA-60-R-T-pair-rear-500px.jpg



Feature List

  • Plug ’n play - No software needed
  • Easy setup, get wireless music in seconds
  • Robust and dedicated network for your audio
  • Wireless extra-deep 10Hz to 20kHz transmission
  • No interference or delays
  • Works with Mac, PC or any analog audio source
  • Flexible functionality, up to four independent channels
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Frequency 10 Hz to 20kHz, great for subwoofers
Range Line of sight: 130-150´
Obstructed: 70´
Power +5VDC (USB)
Audio In/Out Stereo RCA
RF Band



Dimensions (with antenna)

3¾˝ W x 37∕8˝ H x 4˝ D
(95mm x 98mm x 102mm)

Weight (ea) each, unpacked) 3.5 oz; 0.1kg

Atlantic Technology reserves the right to change specifications or appearance at any time without notice.

Send Full-Bandwidth Stereo—Wirelessly!

WA-60-room-diagram.jpgThe WA-60 lets you have multiple wireless subwoofers by simply adding additional WA-60 receivers and setting them to the same “zone” as the WA-60 transmitter.
WA-60-pc-connect-300px.jpgYou can also send audio program content wirelessly from your computer to your home entertainment system by using the supplied stereo mini-to-RCA cable. Simply connect the WA-60 transmitter to your computer’s headphone or line output and connect the WA-60 receiver to your AV receiver/processor. Imagine—the Internet radio (or any other computer-based audio program) that you enjoy on your computer, now sent wirelessly to your high-end entertainment system!