The IC-6.3/8.3 TriMode™ ceiling mount speaker is a high-quality, versatile solution for your audio needs. With its sleek design, it blends seamlessly into your ceiling, providing an unobtrusive yet powerful audio solution. Equipped with unique dual voice coil woofers and dual 1″ soft-dome pivoting tweeters, it offers a range of configurations for the best audio coverage, whether it's surround sound for your home theater or whole-house music installations.

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    Subtle Presence, Powerful Performance

    Adaptable Audio Configuration

    Unparalleled Versatility

    The IC-6.3/8.3 TriMode™ ceiling mount speaker can be configured for mono, single-point stereo, or dipole surround (TriVector™) operation. It also features a bipole/dipole switch, allowing you to customize the audio output to suit your needs.

    Seamless Integration

    Stealthy Design

    The IC-6.3/8.3 speaker boasts a sleek, minimal design that blends seamlessly into your ceiling. This makes it the perfect solution for any room where you want high-quality audio without visible speakers.

    Tailored Sound Experience

    Tri-Mode Operating Modes

    The IC-6.3/8.3 offers three unique operating modes. In conventional (mono) mode, the dual voice coil woofer and dual tweeters cover a much wider area than conventional in-ceiling speakers. In single-point stereo mode, the speakers deliver full stereo sound from a single loudspeaker, perfect for distributed audio in tight spaces. In dipole surround (TriVector™ diffuse) mode, the speaker delivers a diffuse upper midrange and high-frequency sound, creating an immersive surround sound experience.

    High Quality Components and Easy Installation

    The speaker features Carbon loaded mica/poly cones, rubber surrounds, high-temperature voice coils, and advanced computer-optimized crossovers. These components ensure a high-quality audio experience. The IC-6.3/8.3 is equipped with gold-plated heavy-duty connectors for a reliable and high-quality connection, and its simple rotating clamp mounting makes installation easy.

    Customizable for Your Needs

    Optional Accessories

    The IC-6.3/8.3 offers optional square grills sold separately, allowing you to customize the look of your speaker to match your room's decor. Additionally, optional back box and new construction brackets are available to accommodate different installation requirements.

    *Ceiling installation brackets (IC-NC-TLC-6/8) & backbox (IC-BOX-6/8) can be purchased separately,please contact us for details. These items are considered parts items, and no return or refund will be allowed once shipped. 

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