8600i Series

Style and Sound Reimagined

Nexa 1

The Sound That Moves

TWS1 Wireless Earbuds

Immerse yourself in the full spectrum of sound, where every note is captured with true-to-life authenticity.

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Innovation in Every Note

Since 1989, Atlantic Technology has pioneered the audio industry with innovations that enhance your everyday experiences. Our devotion to superior sound and quality has shaped a legacy we're proud of. Explore with us, and discover how we make the ordinary extraordinary.

Compact. Wireless. Brilliant.

FS252: Sound's New Era

Redefine your audio with the FS252. Compact design meets resonant sound.
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Slim. Powerful. Exceptional.

GC3: Elevate Your TV Sound

Transform your TV moments with GC3. Elegant design meets immersive audio.
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