Unleash Superior Sound

Not just a smaller sibling to our flagship model, the 8200e Home Theater System is an impressive setup in its own right. Combining the 8200eLR, 8200eC, 8200eSR, and 642eSB, this system stands as a testament to Atlantic Technology's unwavering commitment to delivering remarkable, true-to-life audio experiences.


Delivering audio that faithfully reproduces both music and movie soundtracks, the 8200eLR brings deep bass and clear highs into your home.


Experience seamless dialogue and effects with the 8200eC center channel speaker, enhancing your immersive audio journey.


With the 8200eSR surround speakers, experience vibrant, immersive sound that enhances your cinematic experiences.


The 642eSB subwoofer offers powerful, deep bass that adds depth and realism to your audio experiences.