Experience the power of THX Select-certified performance with the Atlantic Technology 642eSB subwoofer. This high-quality subwoofer delivers deep, smooth, and articulate bass, transforming your listening experience. With its elegant curved side panels, it's not just a subwoofer, it's a statement piece that complements your home's aesthetics.

  • Type: Powered subwoofer, sealed enclosure
  • Bass Driver: 12” long-throw composite cone
  • Features: 2-inch, four layer vented aluminum voice coil, vented motor
  • Amplifier Feature: Continuous 40–140Hz crossover, 18dB/octave low pass output
  • Output Power: 350W RMS
  • Frequency Response: 25Hz – 300Hz ±3 dB
  • Low Level (line): 20k ohm
  • Peak Output: 107dB SPL into 2000 cubic Feet
  • Inputs: Variable low level stereo inputs and low level outputs
  • Controls: Absolute phase invert switch, Auto signal sensing
  • Dimensions w/ grilles(W x H x D): 19.00 x 21.00 x 20.50in; 483 x 534 x 521mm (Depth w/grille)
  • Weight (ea): 65lbs/29.5kg
  • Power Requirements: 110V AC 50/60Hz; 240V AC 50/60Hz

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Unleash the Power

Deep, Articulate Bass

12" Powerhouse Driver

The 642eSB features a 12" powerhouse driver that delivers gut-wrenching bass. Experience the thrill of deep, smooth, and low distortion sound that brings your music and movies to life.

Pure, Articulate Performance

Clear Filter Technology™ (CFT)

Atlantic’s exclusive Clear Filter Technology™ ensures clean, articulate performance. Enjoy detailed and accurate musical bass reproduction along with terrific special effects.

Style Meets Function

Elegant Design

The 642eSB is not just about performance, it's about style too. The elegant curved side panels convey grace and sophistication, making it a perfect addition to your home decor.

Power-Packed Performance

High-Efficiency Amplifier

The 642eSB is powered by a high-efficiency 350-watt amplifier, utilizing the latest in amplifier technology. The output stage is capable of extremely high current delivery and maximum efficiency, ensuring exceptional driver control and cool thermal operation.

Superior Sound Quality

Acoustic Suspension Design

The acoustic suspension design of the 642eSB ensures low distortion sound. Experience the richness of sound in its purest form, with every note perfectly reproduced.

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