8200eLR (1 Pair)
8200eLR (1 Pair)

8200eLR (1 Pair)


Immerse yourself in the captivating audio performance of the 8200eLR, a THX Ultra 2 certified speaker system designed to fill even the largest rooms with our finest sound. Crafted with precision and care, the 8200eLR utilizes our exclusive technology to deliver exceptional performance in a variety of acoustic settings. Whether you're a fan of classical music, rock, or cinema, the 8200eLR's explosive dynamics and intricate detail will captivate you.

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Harmony of Technology and Sound

Fine-Tune Your Listening Experience

Acoustic Adaptability

With a 3-position High Frequency Energy switch, adjust the tilt of the tweeter's response to match your room's acoustics. Achieve optimum sound quality whether your space is acoustically live (highly reflective) or dead (highly absorptive).

Tailored for Your Space

Location Optimized Sound

Our unique Location Selector switch enhances the upper midrange and high frequency output to compensate for obstructions such as perforated screens or theater curtains. This ensures improved detail and clarity at your listening position, even in uniquely designed spaces.

Natural Sound, Always

Boundary Compensation Control

Regardless of whether you place your speakers in a custom cabinet or directly adjacent to your TV, the Boundary Compensation control adjusts the lower midrange to minimize sound colorations. Maintain an open and natural sound, preserving the integrity of your audio experience no matter the placement.

Built for Any Setup

Versatile Placement Options

From standalone stereo to multi-channel configurations, the 8200eLR adapts to your needs. Install in custom cabinetry, hide behind an acoustically-transparent screen or curtains, or simply place in any room setting. Experience limitless versatility with your 8200eLR.

Multi-Channel Compatibility

Versatile Configurations

The 8200eLR can be used in any multi-channel configuration, offering versatility for your home theater setup. Whether you're creating a 7.1 system or installing the speakers in custom cabinetry, the 8200eLR delivers exceptional performance.

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