Ursula (for USB Type A)

Ursula (for USB Type A)

Transmitter for Windows & Mac Computers with full-sized USB ports

Remember, you can forget about installing a driver. Ursula is a SKAA transmitter for your computer and it works driver-free. Your computer lets you route audio to Ursula instead of your built-in computer speakers —just select SKAA Transmitter in your computer’s sound control panel, fire up the Pulp Fiction soundtrack in your music player, and start dancing around your house like John Travolta.

Ursula’s connector is an ordinary full-sized USB plug. More than 99% of computers out there have a female one of these. We like it because the USB connection moves the audio from your computer into Ursula completely unaltered —a pristine, unmucked-with digital audio stream.

Ursula’s shape is not only beautiful —it makes it obvious to us users “which end is up”, so you’re never fumbling around trying to plug Ursula in upside down. Ursula’s provocative 45° leg also serves to lift Ursula’s internal antenna up off your desk and away from your computer — now you know where that kick-butt range comes from.

    • SKAA transmitter for computers with a full-size (type A) USB connector

    • Windows Vista or newer

    • Mac OS X Mountain Lion or newer

    • Sends audio to up to 4 receivers

    • Works with all apps

    • Use up to 5 transmitters in the same area

    • No pairing

    • 25 meter (75 feet) indoor range

    • Low latency, great for watching TV, movies and playing games

    • Works with SKAA cmd (optional app)

    • Ships with SKAA OS 2.4, works with all receivers running SKAA OS 2.1 or newer (if you're not sure what version you have, go to TLC, send us a note and just ask)

    • Free Shipping

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