The AZURE™ AZ600 delivers superior sound for both home theater and whole-house audio. Discreetly blending with your interiors with a thin-bezel design, this in-ceiling speaker is packed with premium material and component advancements from Atlantic Technology. Housing an advanced Fiberglass cone woofer and a silk-dome tweeter, AZ600 ensures a stellar audio experience. Paired with a precision cross-over network and a host of optional accessories, installation becomes a breeze. Experience rugged durability, flexible installation, and a sound quality that beautifully complements any Atlantic Technology in-room or in-wall speakers.

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Natural Sound for Optimal Dispersion

Exceptional Tweeter Technology

The AZ600's 1-inch coated silk-dome tweeter is mounted on a reinforced low-resonance bridge, creating clean, non-aggressive sound, even near room occupants. With a 30° orbital pivoting system, the tweeter can be adjusted for optimal stereo separation and image blending, bringing you a dynamic, immersive audio experience.

Fiberglass Material for Richer Audio

Robust, High-Fidelity Woofers

Crafted from advanced humidity-resistant, stiff, lightweight fiberglass material, the woofers in AZ600 reproduce your music and soundtracks with a cleaner midrange. Thanks to the durable butyl rubber surround and long-throw design, these speakers ensure stable, long-lasting performance and excellent bass output.

Unobtrusive and Sleek

Elegant Installation

Azure™ speakers offer a seamless setup with ultra-thin bezels and magnetically attached, paintable grilles. Easy-to-use rotating clamp fasteners ensure secure installation, subtly blending into your space.

*Ceiling installation brackets (IC-NC-TLC-6/8) & backbox (IC-BOX-6/8) can be purchased separately, please contact us for details. These items are considered parts items, and no return or refund will be allowed once shipped.

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